„You can’t expect to meet the challenges of today with yesterday’s tools and expect to be in business tomorrow“

An instrument to manage and to control your international business

The Cultural Intelligence Instrument is at the cutting-edge of intercultural management strategies. It was developed by Dr Seelmann based on her long-term consulting experience in many companies. Using this instrument, Western firms can quickly achieve their goals and become successful and not only in Asian business.



Cultural Intelligence

  • Points out the differences in cultural values and convictions and uses them to your advantage (Culture Codes)
  • Uses this knowledge when dealing, negotiating, communicating, working with people from other cultures (Intercultural Competence)
  • Takes benefit from the cultural diversity in international teams and takes these differences into account during a teambuilding process. In this way it uses the innovative potential of cross cultural cooperation. As a result you do not only find new solutions when working together, but you can also develop new products (Cultural Diversity)

The Cultural Intelligence instrument is the key for success in a global and multipolar world economy.


What is the unique characteristic of the Cultural Intelligence Instrument?

„When it storms some build walls, but others build windmills“

The Cultural Intelligence Instrument is superior to conventional intercultural training because it does not cling to isolated specific actions (e.g. intercultural training). In fact, it is a holistic approach, combining at least three steps in order to use the experiences a company has already made in Asia. The key factors of the previous success are defined. Additionally, new information helps to optimise further steps.
Therefore, the Cultural Intelligence Instrument does not only include „training“, but rather is a complete management concept which focuses on cultural diversity as a fact which has to be taken into consideration in every corporate division.

What are the benefits for the company?

By implementing Cultural Intelligence you create a common knowledge base in your company. This enables your employees to work with a coordinated strategy and to act target-oriented. With the help of the Cultural Intelligence Instrument you provide every corporate division with answers and methods in order to decide and act in a culturally appropriate way. You are able to create value from diversity.
In a globalised economic world Cultural Intelligence is the core competence for companies which work with or in different cultures.