It is expensive for companies, not only for small or medium-sized ones, to send their qualified employees on a foreign assignment. To ensure a return on investment and to enable expatriates to master their challenging tasks successfully, they have to be prepared carefully and optimally. Otherwise, they are likely to fail. This means frustration for the employee and wasted money for the company.

Spouses or partners should be involved in that preparation, too. This way, they are also aware of the new challenges and capable to act in a culturally appropriate way. In addition to that they get a better understanding of the role their partners have to play in the new and culturally different working place.

Our offer: tailor-made and function specific information on

  • Asian mentality and business practices
  • culturally appropriate negotiation style
  • culturally appropriate Human Resources Management
  • the right way to establish a manufacturing base (Quality Management and Assurance etc.)

We recommend:

  • Preparation in intervals, not en-bloc. Getting the opportunity to learn and reflect and learn again is the best way to embed new knowledge
  • Facilitation at the beginning of the stay abroad. This is the best way to support expatriates when they have questions or do not feel secure with decisions