Dr Hanne Seelmann is one of the most renowned culture competence specialists for Asia. Since 1994 she has been advising internationally successful companies (e.g. BMW, Degussa, Deutsche Bank, Grohe, Heraeus, Krauss Maffei, MAN, Roland or the Würth-Group) and many “hidden champions” of medium-sized enterprises rank among her customers. Apart from strategically consulting top management she also trains and prepares executives for their employment in Asia.

The Scientist

Dr Seelmann is a sociologist and economist. She specialized in the cultural comparison of Asia and Europe. From 1982 to 1993 she was in charge of numerous research projects of international project groups in different Asian countries.

On this gained knowledge and experience she has based her remarkable consulting approach. Dr Seelmann teaches Intercultural Management as a guest lecturer at several Business Schools or universities in Germany and Switzerland.

The Strategy Consultant

Scientifically sound know-how, practical knowledge and clear and vivid language. She uses this fascinating combination to optimize and improve business goals.

Dr Seelmann breaks the spell on the mysterious ‘Why?’ of Asian behaviour by uncovering the cultural heritage lying at its roots.

In addition she uses results of psychological research, cultural neuroscience, to develop strategies securing success in Sales, Personnel Management and Marketing.

Her clients can therefore crack the cultural code to accomplish their own goals on the Asian market. They have gained a profitable competitive advantage.

The Author

Dr Seelmann has published numerous scientific papers and several books concerning business success in Asia. She is currently a highly sought-after speaker at many national and international conferences.

The Competence Network

Dr Seelmann is part of a network of acknowledged lawyers, tax and personnel consultants, financing and banking experts experienced and active in Asia.

She is ambassador for the EFEAN (European Female Entrepreneurship Ambassador Network).