Workshop: intercultural competence – the soft skill for international work

In the future, contact and cooperation between Western people and those from regions with a different cultural background will increase enormously. The participants of this workshop will realize that our Western values and convictions are relative and not universal. We will disenchant the myth of a global village. We will show you the dangers of the belief in a one-world-culture through many practical examples. There will be suggestions and solutions to develop intercultural competence. Also, new opportunities for your personal development are shown.

Target audience:
Employees in international business, executive development.

Basic information on Asian mentality and culture specific rules of Asian business

The information on mindset and cultural roots – the software of Asian thinking – helps you to understand the rules of the game in a foreign and completely different society. Only then can you decipher the cultural code which determines the actions and attitudes of your Asian business partners.

You will learn:

  • How your Asian partners think

  • Why they think how they think

  • What this means for behaviour, communication and reaching your goals

  • Which dos and don’ts you should respect

Depending on your jobs and tasks we recommend the following modules for Asian countries like India, China, Taiwan, South East Asia (Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Vietnam), Japan and South Korea

A successful start in Asia: basic information
Successful negotiating in Asia
Successful selling in Asia
Successful cooperation with your Asian distribution partner
Successful marketing in Asia
Successful staff recruitment and human resources management in Asia
Successful quality management and assurance (when producing or purchasing)
Successful management of culturally diverse work teams
Successful implementation of business ethics and corporate guidelines in Asian subsidiaries
Successful coaching of qualified employees and executives


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