Asia, yes or no?

The Asian markets offer a lot of chances and bear a lot of risks. We compare your expectations and the resources you have in many aspects with the market conditions and possibilities in those Asian countries you want to invest in. You increase the surety of your decision. Precaution is better than rework. Benefit from our long-term experiences in hundreds of companies.

Optimise your Asian investment

There will always be circumstances when you have to restructure or optimise your Asian business conditions. To rest on your laurels means a danger for your success in the future. This is especially true on the highly dynamic Asian markets.

  • You do not only want to sell or buy in Asia, but also want to establish a manufacturing base?
  • Your customer wants you to become his joint-venture partner?
  • Your supplier wants to set up a distribution network with you?

Use our expert knowledge in these situations! Often we can help you with partners from our network. Talk to them and profit from their experience.

Because it’s the most successful companies that stand to lose the most, they, above all, use this tool to their advantage.

Champions on the Asian markets will tell you: You have to stay ahead of the game in order to stay in the game!

Crisis management

Once in a while there will be problems in your Asian business. At those times especially your crisis management has to be culturally appropriate. A Western approach may have counter productive effects in those sensitive situations. Using Western methods often means just adding fuel to the fire.

We give advice and support in finding the right solutions. We act from an external perspective and are able to analyze the reasons for problems. Possibly you will be astonished at our suggestions and solutions – but the success you gain will convince you.

Possible problems and questions

  • How can you make a tardy Asian debtor pay?
  • How to avoid job-hopping by your Asian specialists?
  • How to deal with variations in quality?

  • How to act when you notice undue enrichment or bribery by or of Asian employees?