„Dr Seelmann’s theoretical and practical competence has clearly improved our understanding of Asia. This will have long-term effects on the success of our company. We use Dr Seelmann’s experience on different levels in our company: consultancy of executives, training of middle management and junior staff as well as preparation of expatriates. In addition to that, we use her help to improve our market position in China. We have been cooperating with Dr Seelmann for several years now – this is clear proof that we are highly satisfied with her work.”

Axel Marx, CEO Staedtler Noris GmbH, Nuremberg.


“Dr Seelmann has helped us for many years to prepare our staff and their families to effectively master their tasks and lives in Asia. Her preparation eliminates fears of our expatriates and their families in advance, so they are open for new challenges. Her consultancy enables our staff to have a quick and smooth start in their new environments. The way she prepares expatriates is highly acknowledged and is even more appreciated once they are abroad and have to practice what they have learned in their everyday situations. It is significant for the success of her work that contacts with expatriate customers continue after they have moved to Asia. Besides the seminars, her books help to support those staff members who travel to Asia.”

Michael Mager, Vice President Human Resources and Organization, Grohe Beteiligungs GmbH, Dusseldorf


“For 8 years now, Dr Seelmann has been running in-house workshops for those of our employees who deal with Asian business partners. Since Rohde & Schwarz is setting up a new development location in Singapore and will expand business activities all over Asia, our need for background information on the way of Asian thinking, sales and negotiation strategies or leadership of employees will increase. With the help of such background information our designing engineers, sales managers and production workers as well as our HR management will be able to optimise the processes in Asia. Dr Seelmann offers practice-oriented and relevant information which are helpful for this work. She doesn’t confine herself to superficial tips or advice but she builds understanding with the help of insight: it’s the know-why on culturally induced motives in behaviour and action that is the value of the seminars for our employees.”

Hans Knapek, Head of Human Resources, Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co KG, Munich


“Dr Seelmann offered valuable assistance to the Project Management during the setup of the Würth industrial park in Shenyang/China. She acted as an advisor and coach in the fields of leadership of employees and negotiations with Chinese partners. She helped us to find the right solutions in sensitive issues. She assisted in pondering and analyzing experiences we made. Her method is pragmatic, her advice concentrates on the relevant issues and can immediately be translated into practice. Thank you so much for your functional and personal companionship!”

Frank Guse, Head of HR and Organisation, Arnold Umformtechnik GmbH & Co. KG (Würth Gruppe), Forchtenberg.


“Dr Seelmann supported me during the preparation for my function as president of our Japanese affiliate. In order to function in society or to find the right way to treat employees you have to adapt to the Japanese style. I really recommend any executive who will work in Asia, to prepare carefully for the country-specific rules of the game before travelling there. The coaching of Dr Seelmann was a great help to me.”

Ludwig Willisch, BMW Group, Head of sales region Europe


“Although Heraeus has worked successfully on the Asian markets for decades, we gladly repeated and used consultancy from Dr Seelmann. The emphasis of our successful cooperation lies in the support of our European executives in getting a better understanding of Asian mindset or management style. Furthermore, we use individual consulting for issues like leadership of employees or negotiating in Asia.

Due to her profound knowledge of the Asian culture Dr Seelmann was able to present us with impressive solutions for difficult situations”.

Dr. Helmut Eschwey, former CEO of Heraeus Group


“Culture specific background information helps us to analyse the behaviour of our Asian business partners. Thus we are able to apply the appropriate negotiation tactics. We now understand a lot of things which made us wonder before. We especially appreciate the quick and straightforward support of Dr Seelmann in crisis situations.”

Michael Hackner, President CDS, Crailsheim


“Speeches and presentations by Dr Seelmann are vivid and descriptive. With a good sense of humour she translates the specifics of Asian thinking into memorable pictures. For the listeners this means exciting enjoyment and a lot of information at the same time.”

Dieter Hierner, Director, Deutsche Bank Munich



What other customers said

anonymous assessment sheets in seminars


  • “The practical relevance was good as well as the many examples. This was obviously due to the personal experience and knowledge of the presenter”
  • “Dr Seelmann is highly qualified and has a very good didactic. Although I have had many years of intensive experience in Asia before, I learned new things.”
  • “The trainer was very competent and answered every question very convincingly.”
  • “Once again a delightful seminar in every aspect! Dr Seelmann is highly motivated and qualified. She knows how to teach and to inspire!”
  • “Very vivid, lively and close to practice. The possibility to exchange experiences with other colleagues was very helpful.”
  • “I have already highly recommended this seminar to my colleagues who don’t get on with some Asian behaviour.”
  • “The speaker was very good. I liked the way she imparts knowledge.”
  • “Dr Seelmann reacts flexibly to the needs and demands of her customers and has a great wealth of experience.”
  • “The experiences with my Asian partners that I had made before the seminar and their reactions in certain situations are easier to understand now.”
  • “The speaker gave many practical examples. She enabled us to understand the cultural differences better without just giving us “cooking recipes”
  • “I heard a seasoned practitioner speak today who learned the business from scratch. She gave us a lot of real-life examples, enriched with a lot of humour and empathy.”